One could say that I was, in a word, shocked when I saw the fee schedule for Clan 2001.  Not that there is much of a schedule.  Whether you arrive on Wednesday or Saturday you will pay $25.  “Every man woman and child” to quote the Clan Website will pay this fee.  
Now, I will be the first to admit that Burning Lands has done a good job on their end.   They are only charging five dollars and that, to me, is top notch value in the ‘entertainment/dollar’ category.   I was just fairly shocked that the forestry service would demand such a high price, and a flat rate at that.  Its not that I don’t support our parks systems, but this seems just a little greedy to me.   The argument could be made that this is to make it easier on the Blake Company person who has to collect said fees.  Now, I don’t want to sound like a *gasp* consumer or anything, but isn’t that what those people get paid to do?  I mean, if having to adjust the fees is just too difficult for them to deal with then what are they getting paid for?   Don’t think that I am being any harsher about this than I am with the fast food clerk who can’t seem to remember that Coke and Dr. Pepper are not interchangeable, especially when I go to the trouble of paying for Dr. Pepper.  If there is one thing I can’t stand its incompetence from somebody that I am paying (and as consumers we pay a whole lotta people).  Which leads me to my next question:What is Clan getting out of the Blake company besides merely the use of the site?  For a twenty dollar flat rate they should be providing the water buffalo or shipping in strippers or something that gives that value added feel.

I would like to send out a big thank you to Snicker over at the Amtgard Atlas.  He not only gave this site a link but he also made Fink-o-Rama the April site of the month!   Thank you Snicker!

The Southwest Gamers Association have also thrown the site a link and Ivar said that he would have one up soon.    I will have either a links page or a banner that has rotating links to various places on it sometime soon….hopefully.

After doing alot of thinking and talking with people in various places I have come to the decision to cancle the auction at Clan.  There are a lot of reasons for this, one of which is that it carried a high probability of not generating enough customers.  Let’s face it, if it doesn’t involve swinging a sword or food it can be very tough to gather many people at clan. Other reasons are some unforseen circumstances in my life taking up a great deal more time than was originally planned.  So, the plans for the ship are temporarily on hold, at least until I can get some funds raised.  I am not giving up on the ship, far from it, and neither should you.  I will make it happen, I just haven’t figured out how at this point in time.   I have considered sponsoring a pie in the face contest, or somesuch.  If anybody has any ideas drop me an email.   Always willing to listen to advice.  Bottom line on the ship is that it will happen, its just when that is the question at the moment.

Ok, this has been talked about on other sites such as PA and PVP…but I wanted to take a moment to comment on this “Bejeweled” game.   I dismissed it as a Tetris knockoff, hardly worth my notice.   Even with all of the commentary about it on other sites I still did not heed their warning.   So, a day or so ago I can’t get into some of the gaming sites do to a software problem on my end.   I have very few choices out there left to me and I find myself actually playing Bejeweled.  This is the work of the Devil.  I can’t stop.  I mean, I want to stop, I know that I have other things to be doing but this game is insidious.  Is there a twelve step program for this thing?   Well, just my little bit of commentary.

Well…I think that is gonna do it for this time.  I have to go get ready for tomorrow night, I have a coup…er…coronation to attend.   Any of you in the Las Cruces area should come down to DragonSpine’s coronation feast.   See the DS site for details on when and where.   There is a lot planned for this, including a bit of drama and…dare I say it…roleplaying, as well as
some very fine food courtesy of Lord Shadow.    So, for a good time, come to the DS Coronation tomorow, that’s Saturday.

Until next time, We’ll leave the light on for ya.

Sir Feral Lynn

↓ Transcript
(Inside The Lusty Dragon)
Fink: Have you seen the new Clan Fees?
Cap: Yeah $25!
Fink: Outragous!
Fink: And its not BL screwing us this time
Cap: It's not??
Fink: Nope
Cap: Then who?
(Outside, in the woods)
Smokey the Bear: I needed more money for cigarettes sue me!