Decided to play with a four panel style for a bit…it allows for a bit more complex jokes.   Hope you like it.

The T-shirt sales have tapered off severely. I only have the 17 sold from last Friday (no sales at all this week).  I will see about lowering the volume to 50 shirts but it might increase the cost a bit…I will see in the next week or so.   If you plan on ordering a Tshirt please let me know.  And, to clear this up a bit, when I say pre-order, I don’t mean that you have to send me the money now…wait till clan.  Just send me the info
and you get the shirt reserved for you at the lower price.  

OK…last night, was too cool!  I got to meet one of my heroes last night!  Actually it was during the day.  Serpentara and I went downt to the Poison concert yesterday, got there around noon.   We wanted to help roadie but it was a union set so they said no.  So we went up in the stands and watched the stage get set up.  By the way, if you ever get a chance, go see a stage set up…it is amazing.  Anyhoo, while we were there we saw Riki Rocket walk by and then he was standing talking to CC Devil. I went up and asked his guitar tech if CC would get upset if I went up to him.   He said it was all cool so I went up and talked with CC Devil! For those of you who don’t know, it was him and Ace Frehley who got me to pick up a guitar (and more so with CC).  There I was, talking with one of my heroes.  We got backstage after the show as well, and got to meet the rest of the band (I have a Tshirt with signatures to prove it!).  But, none of the after show stuff compared to meeting CC.   Now, I bring all this up not just to gush about CC.   I bring it up because Amtgard is all about heroes.   I remember the first time I went to clan and met the people that I had only heard stories about. I remember seeing Quicksilver and IronPaw whom I had heard so many awsome stories about(we later became fast freinds).  I remember meeting Bolt, he seemed so huge and all about being a hero (still does).  I remember meeting Arimithris (he was standing beside me on the ditch field, I asked for his name and when he told me I had to pick my jaw up off the ground. I fought next to him and had an awesome time).  I remember meeting Andralaine as well as Tryniti that clan. They were all heros and all had legends told about them.  That is what Amtgard is about, that is the dream.  

Well, that is gonna do it for today’s strip.  Please, if you want a shirt contact me soon  Until we meet again: Have a Happy!

Sir Feral Lynn

↓ Transcript
BK: I'm starting a new business
Fink: Oh , Really?!?
BK: I'll pop in unannounced, say what others won't say to your face and charge high prices for the service!
BK: People will appreciate the pure truth so much that they'll even tip!
Fink: That's the dumbest idea I've ever heard of!
BK: Well for your information you are an overbearing, opinionated Schmo who doesn't deserve his knights belt!
Fink: Gee thanks. Here's a quarter.
BK: Just consider that to be a free sample.