I am back on track now folks.  School is over now (and I mean for good!) so no more pesky finals getting in the way.   This strip marks the first of a four part series I like to call…oh hell, I don’t have a name for it…but there will be four of them!   I have to admit, this wasn’t my original idea, it was being kicked around the water cooler at Amtgard a few weeks ago.    I just turned it into the impetus of a much grander joke that is to follow.

(Ed. Note: He meant three-part.  Really.  So don’t go looking for a fourth part, because there isn’t one.)

I have had a fairly strong email response about the possibility of a Fink Tshirt at Clan.  
I have contacted a print shop to see about the feasibility of doing a Tshirt for Clan.   It looks good for me to do a run of 100 shirts.   The only catch is that I need to know for certain that I am not going to lose my shirt on this (pun intended).   So….I am opening up pre-orders as of today!  If you preorder the shirt will be $9.00.   The shirts will be available at Clan for $10.   I know that’s not much difference but, if you pre-order you don’t have to pay until Clan, and you will be garaunteed your shirt.  
Also, the more pre-orders I get the better I will feel about ensureing I don’t go broke.   Now, these shirts will only be given a run of 100.   Even if I do more Fink shirts in the future I will never do this design again.  The idea is to make it special for you folks that supported the strip from the beginning!  The plan as of today is to use the “”No More Generators!”” strip on the back with a nice logo on the front where the pocket would be. So, check out the “”Shirts”” page by clicking on the button on the left
(Ed. Note: It’s on the right side now) to find out info so you can email me if you want to pre-order  
Also, if you could email me even if it is to say that ‘you don’t need no steenking shirt’ I would appreciate it.   If there isn’t enough interest I can’t afford to do this so your responses will be very much appreciated. 

A lot of folks have emailed me or AIMed me with ideas for strips.  I love to hear all of these ideas.   But, please do not get upset if I don’t use the idea right away.  
I have alot planned and your ideas will probably make it into the comic in one way or another in time.   So, don’t think I’m not listening, I am.   It just takes time to work things in.  One idea that I am incorporating as of this strip is placing the date on the page.   This was one of those clerical things that can get overlooked.  So, to those of you who asked for it, thank you.

Along those same lines, the site has a rather new look today.   I have started doing all of the things I wanted to do with it in the first place.  There is a page for the Tshirts as well as a page that will have my bio on it along with pics and a few stories penned by me.  That will all come in the very near future.  I got the column for the ‘rant’ text fixed so as to allow the buttons on the left side.  
I have to say that I am fairly proud of that little bit of engineering.  My level of HTML expertise is severely limited.  These are not the only changes on the way.  There are more to come as the summer progresses.

Well, that is gonna do it for today’s strip.  Stay tuned later this week when we will see just how effective the Fink’s Franzia trap is.  Until we meet again: Have a Happy!

Sir Feral Lynn

↓ Transcript
The fearless hunter sets the perfect trap for his elusive prey...