Part deux of our four part extravaganza is here for your veiwing pleasure.   Hope you enjoy…Stay tuned for Monday when we will find out what the Fink’s demands are for the safe return of the Mithrisaurus.

(Ed. Note: Seriously, he meant three.  There is no fourth part.)

Well..the T-shirt sales have not gone as well as I would have hoped.   So far eleven folks have ordered shirts.   While I am thrilled about that, we need to sell quite a few more before I can make the deal with the printer.   So, come on and get those orders in.   And if you are really pumped about it tell your freinds and neighbors…talk it up.   OK…that was my cheerleading session for the day *laugh*

Some of you may remember Randall as the person I thanked many times for helping me set up this site.  Well, he got inspiration from my attempt at comics and decided to do one of his own.    Please welcome him as you have me.  His strip is called Club and can be found here.   The style is different but he shows alot of promise.   So, Welcome Randall!

Heh, I learn humility in the strangest ways.   I was so proud of the new look of the site last time.  Come to find out that I had done some very strange things and that netscape didn’t like it at all.   I haven’t had time to fix this as of yet but it will be fixed soon.   And to
those of you who use netscape (for what ever reason…though Ican’t think of a good one), please be patient and I will make it right soon.

(Ed. Note: Ironically, even with the new site design, portions of the site are *still* broken for Netscape users.  Sorry, but no plans to fix it at this time)

Well, that is gonna do it for today’s strip.  Please, if you want a shirt contact me soon  Until we meet again: Have a Happy!

Sir Feral Lynn

↓ Transcript
After many long nights the prey comes to the trap...
(An arm, clad in blue with a white wing motif reaches for the bait under the box trap)
The Man in the Box: What the?!?
Cap: What's in the box?
Cap: No really What's in the box?
Fink: Really! Arimithris!
Cap: OK! FINE! Don't tell me! Sheesh!