The strip seems to be coming along fine.   Although, reader response has severely dropped off.  Not a problem though, I know the site is getting hit, I just don’t have that ‘instant gratification’ that I did in the first week or so.

This past week in DragonSpine was great. We had our annual Easter Egg Hunt, once again (and possibly for the last time) run by Dame Weilok.  Since this is probably her last year doing this she went all out. The prizes were awesome and the sheer amount of candy was enough to keep local dentists in business for the rest of the year.  Before I go any further I just want to give a big “Huzzah!” to Weilok, she has done this Easter egg thing for as long as I can remember. We will miss having her do this in our lands.   Also a big personal thank you goes out to IronPaw, Quicksilver, ElliK (I hope I spelled that right) and Iftu for teaming up with my three year old son Alex.  Through their efforts (and Alex’s innate grasp of roleplaying) the team won the hunt hands down.   I realize I’m biased, but the two best sayings from the hunt involved Alex. 1: I sent Alex (a non-combatant who can’t lose his candy to monsters or other teams) to ask the Dragon if he had anything for him. The dragon looks at Alex, looks back at me and mutters “I hate Anti-Paladins”  2: While we are searching, in vain, for the blue bunny Alex goes once again to the Dragon (without coaching this time) and says “Mr Dragon, Where did you hide the Blue Bunny?”  The Dragon promply picks him up and carries him to the hiding spot.   Hey, I don’t do “my kid is so cute” stories very
often, but this was innate roleplaying handed down in the genes being evidenced.

Friday seems to be a slow day as far as email is concerned.  I am guessing that it is also slow for folks being on the computer at all (i.e. visiting the comic).  So, I am thinking of changing the postings to Mondays and Thursdays. If anybody out there has an opinion on this let me know.  I will probably change it for this week if that seems to get a favorable response.

Speaking of the next posting. Be sure to check in and see it. I will be using one of the characters that haven’t made their way into the strip yet. It should be loads of fun and could quite possibly end up on a tshirt one day.  It’s that good!  No really, it is!

ya know, there is nothing like going to the ball park.  We went to the opening game for the El Paso Diablos last night.   Now, I won’t watch baseball on TV.   Its kinda like watching bowling or team crocheting.  But, there is something magical about being at the ball park, with the smell of the grass, the taste of flat beer and that extreme lightness your wallet feels after buying hot dogs and nachos at ball park prices.   There is something exciting about hearing the crack of the bat, or watching the poetry in motion that is a good double play.   The Diablos lost last night, but it didn’t matter.  They played a good game, we had a good time, and my 6 month old saw his first homerun.  Yup, there’s something about a ball park.

Well, I guess that does it for now. Check back on Thursday for a new strip and a new character!  Until then:   Have a Happy!

Sir Feral Lynn

↓ Transcript
Lance: If I'm ever going to be a knight I must impress people with my prowess on the field
Cap: Really? Is that so?
Lance: Oh yes. I must inspire awe.
Cap: You should probably start out on newbies. They are easier to impress. Like that one over there who hasn't put on any garb.
Lance: Say! That's a great idea! Thanks alot!
Fink: Hey, Isn't that Lief?
Cap: Yup!.
Fink: That hurts just watching
Cap: Damn skippy!