Ok…we are making some progress here.  I figured out how to make a simple archiving system, although I will have to set up an actual data base eventually.  This is really quite jerry-rigged.
Things are going along alot smoother than I thought it would so lets keep our fingers crossed for the future.

(Ed. Note: Obviously, we’ve upgraded considerably since then.)

DragonSpine held its elections and Champion’s tournament this weekend.  I am pleased to announce that Kyran will be the next monarch of DragonSpine, Grand Herzog Kurshan will be our regent and that Tnuoc Alucard will be our champion.
I had the great pleasure to fight against Shadow and Alucard for the right to serve as champion.   It was a wonderful tournament, extremely honorable on all sides.   I was honored to be fighting alongside them both.

And on a similar note it is nearly time to say goodbye to Randal as our king…er…Cardinal.   I can say that I have had alot of fun roleplaying with him during this reign and that I have considered his reign to be a success.   Huzzah Randal!

And in sporting news…There has been something bothering me this week that I want to discuss: safety.  I have noticed a trend towards the attitude of trying to get away with as much as you can at the expense of safety in weapon construction and weapon use.   In particular, the long thrusting weapons that have lately seen a large proliferation on our field have been getting harder and smaller thrusting tips.   Now, I don’t like to think of myself as a wimp, I can take a hit, but I have left the field with bruises every week in the last couple of months.   Every week I have the wind knocked out of me at least once.  All of them have been from stabs from the long (oh my god long) swords on the field.    When I have mentioned it I hear “If you can’t take the heat….”   That kind of thinking and attitude is not what Amtgard combat is supposed to be about.   We are supposed to think safety first, last and always.  So, when you are building that new weapon that will be ‘lightest and fastest’stop and think for a moment.  If your first thought isn’t the saftey of the other members of this club then you are in the wrong.

And on a related subject, this weekend my squire, Lord Riverwind, had two swords checked by either the champion or the GMR (I honestly don’t know which one).    These swords were incredibly illegal and should never have passed muster. I had him remove them from the field and told him never build weapons like that again.   Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that the GMR or Champion wasn’t doing his job.  In the middle of the day when things get busy mistakes can understandably happen.   I just wanted to point it out to heighten awareness of what is going out onto the field.

Not that this means anything to most of you, but I finally got my car going again.   The ‘Stang is up and running and sounds just beautiful.   Unlike my bike, which sounds like a cat in heat with laringitis.
That too should be fixed and on the road again as soon as taxes arrive, and with the weather turning warmer I am sooo looking forward to riding the bike.   Riding is like a religious experience, if you have never been I highly reccomend it.

That does it for this installment, hope you enjoyed.  Sorry there were no links this time, I spent all of my time making the archive buttons and such.  Of course I should have been writing my research paper, but what the hell.   Till next time,  I’m Feral Lynn,  and we’ll keep the light on for ya.

Sir Feral Lynn


↓ Transcript
Cap: If there is one thing a pirate has to know
Cap: Is where he keeps his secret stash.
(Open kitchen cabinet above the microwave reveals a complete wall of green boxes)
Cap (thinking): MMMMM. Thiiin Miints