This is the strip idea that started my desire to do this in the first place.   I realize that the thread on the list is long over and that this strip is a bit late but I had to establish some of the characters first.  Let’s face it, if the first time you saw the Cap was behind a surgeon’s mask you would not have known who it was and you would have thought he was a doctor instead of just playing one on The Fink.

Not much has happened this week of note.   It has been rather, shall I say, quiet here in DS.  We have had some fairly cool announcements from the powers that be though.   Olympiad was announced this week.  It will be held here in DS sometime this fall (more on that as news develops) I believe Duchess Sir Lyvyndyr is ‘Crating the event so contact her if you have any questions or wish to volunteer.

Another rather kick f@&ing ass announcement is the Demo for “A Knight’s Tale” in May.   I have to say, I have been to all but one of the demo’s for Allen Theaters here.   They have all been very kick ass and I look forward to each and every one.   I mean, DragonHeart was a fairly juvinile and pathetic movie.   But seeing it in a theater with a hundred plus Amtgarders and no one else made it a magical memory I never want to forget.

Oh, before I forget.   For you theater lovers out there: This Friday we will be acting as color and entertainment for a function on Holloman AFB this Friday evening.  As part of the spectacle I will be performing the Saint Crispins Day speech from Henry V.   Possibly, if school doesn’t wash away my brain before then I will do the “Once more into the breach” speech as well.   Its been awhile since I have done any Shakespeare for Amtgard, its time for me to get back in the saddle I guess.   I plan on this being a warmup for Clan this year.

Speaking of Clan and bardic stuff:   My promise to Snicker (since I renegged on it last year) I will do the Amtgardian Rhapsody at Clan this year.   I am already working on the props and all will be in order.   I haven’t done this in about 6 years so I’m fairly certain that only a few of you have seen it.   If all goes well you will be in for a treat (at least that’s my opinion, you could think it all sucks…anything is possible).

And while I’m on the subject of Snicker.   In last Friday’s strip one of the characters from off panel yelled “Snicker”.   In talking with Snicker he thought that the idea could be gotten that the guy in the helmet is Snicker.  Nothing could be further from the truth. That use of “snicker” was the verb, not the personal pronoun.  Just thought I would pass that along.

Oh, I have said that I would call a few of you out there in the last week (namely Zodiac and Rift). My long distance is apparently not working due to an argument I am having with one of the major long distance carriers. I won’t mention any names but the initials are A. T. T. It seems that they have ‘lost’ three months worth of payments even though the bank swears the checks were cashed. Bottom line is, I am sorry I didn’t call when I said I would. If you guys could call me I would appreciate it. Thanks.

That is gonna do it for now.   Let me know what you think of this strip. I’m thinking of doing a limited run of TShirts for Clan and using this as the ‘alternate’ clan TShirt.   Its just a thought, so let me know.   Until next time: Have a Happy!

Sir Feral Lynn

↓ Transcript
(Med Tent at Clan)
Cap: Clear! ?? No Juice
Cap: Hey! What Happened to the Power?!