Hey there campers!   Hope you enjoy the strip.    Last Friday I really thought I had this joke out of my system, apparently I was wrong since I postponed the strip I was originally going to do to continue it.   I do want to take a moment to mention that this is satire here, and not meant to reflect absolute reality.    Only very rarely is anyone as absurd as I make some of the characters out to be in the strip.  Now that the disclaimer is out of
the way, there is a generator policy posted on the Clan Website.   I have
to admit, its not a bad compromise as far as it goes.   I really wish it had not become an issue but then again, I wish that the Chiefs would make it to the SuperBowl too.   You see how good my wishes work.  So, for those that want to take a generator, make sure you check out the guidlines beforehand.   You can avoid much unpleasantness by being prepared.

As I mentioned, this past Friday I performed for a rather large crowd at Holloman AFB.  It was a blast!  I hadn’t performed the ,Saint Crispins Day speech in several years and only started rehearsing it a few days before.   It was the largest crowd I have ever performed to and it allowed me to get the volume I always felt the speech deserved.   I had a great time and
for once felt satisfied with my performance.  Canwolf, a rather newcomer to DragonSpine, performed as well.  He has, in my opinion, a fantastic voice.   Only rarely can anyone sing in latin and keep my attention.  Thanks go to Marcus the Mad and Weilock for the rides and for setting up great skits for us.   I had a great time and look forward to it next year.

Four weeks and counting till I am finished with this semester! I realize that means little to most of you but it means that I only have student teaching left to do.   Its even more exciting because I have spent this weekend talking to school districts from all over the country.   It looks like a dead heat between staying here, Portland, or Houston.   Mesa and DoDs are close runners up.

Well, as has been the case for a while, the post on Monday is short.  I will have much more to talk about on Thursday.   Until then, Have a Happy!


Sir Feral Lynn

↓ Transcript
BK: Last Friday I was portrayed as being completely unsympathetic to those who wished to use generators
BK: Nothing could be further from the truth
BK: In Fact all you have to due to use a generator is to follow our very simple procedures
(Chalkboard with rules):
Generator Rules and Regs
1. Must submit application 2 weeks in advance
2. Submit proof of medical requirement or note from your mother
3. No operation before or after midnight for any reason.