Well, here is the new strip.   It’s rather full bodied with a fruity aftertaste.  
I was feeling a bit sarcastic today when I sat down to write the strip today.  I actually came home from Amtgard with about four or five ideas like this due to conversations I was involved in around the table.   Since I still can’t fight at the moment I had to revert to Socialgard and this was a product of that.

Ya know, in general people are dumb.  I realise that isn’t a surprise to any of you out there, but man I can still be amazed.  I have the TV on in the background and this gameshow called Street Smarts is on.  The people they interveiwed on the streets are just plain dumb.    I guess that’s the point of the show, but since when did it become cool to announce just exactly how stupid the American on the Street is to the rest of the world.  Not that this
makes me any less proud to be an American, just less proud to be a human.  I know this has nothing to do with Amtgard but what the hell, its 2 AM, I’ve written three papers tonight and my mind is on definite overload.

On another non Amtgard topic, the job fair was a good experience for me.  I have three semi offers (since I don’t grad until December they can’t make a firm offer just yet).   One in Lakewood Washington, one in Hillsboro Oregon, and one in Houston.   The Houston gig looks the most promising at the moment, and my son Alex wants to be an astronaut.   He has been going around the house for the last three days shouting “Houston We Have A Problem!”   Needless to say he knows that ‘astronaut school’ is in Houston.  But, since none of this talk came with a contract I may be in Las Cruces
when all is said and done for all I know.

OK..I finally found a cure for my Bejeweled addiction.  Unfortunately this cure comes with a strong side affect called ATOMICA.   MSN knew that I was hooked and offered me a way to get out that is even more addicive.  I feel like a desperate druggie relying on the mercy of his pusher.  And even before I can get completely lost in this new gift from the gates of hell
I see that MSN has another offspring just waiting for me…it will start calling to me very soon.   Somebody please send help…please!

Well folks, that about does it for me for another installment of cartoon hilarity.   I have a whole s#!t load of homework to get done over the weekend, so, if the next strip is a bit late you can consider yourself forewarned.  I love doing this but I love graduating even more so it may have to wait a bit.   But don’t let that stop you from checking back frequently, or from enjoying other online comics such as Penny Arcade (you knew I would say that) or PVP or others as your tastes desire.

 Until next we meet in this thing called cyberspace:   Have a Happy!

Sir Feral Lynn

↓ Transcript
Fink: Step right up Ladies and Gentlemen!
Fink: Witness the Miracle cure of the known world!
Fink: I tell you folks, one drink of this magical elixer will give an old man young legs
Fink: Just one sip will make any man feel like he's God or Jesus!
Fink: What is this cure?!?
Fink: Fine Californian wine... ...in a BOX!!!