Well here is the long awaited follow-up strip from last week.  I must appologise for being so late in getting this to y’all.   Finals have been kicking my proverbial ass so I have pretty much suspended anything resembling a social life.   I hope you like the strip, the joke works but I’m not happy with the art work.  I am working with some new techniques and they aren’t all that nor are they a bag of chips.   I really need to get adobe illustrator, of
course I don’t have the 600 smacks to shell out for it at this point.   So, we (you the audience and I your happy host) will have to make do with s#!tty lettering for now.   Stick with it gang, it will get better on a technical level.  The jokes however are on a take em or leave em basis…they don’t get much better

Ya know, I took a week off from the strip and I have to say that I really missed doing it.  I had a suspicion that I might abandon it after stopping, as I have so many other projects in my life, but I really, truly missed doing this.   So, I’m here for a good long while!

Well, Randal has posted some new items in the ‘tests’ section of the Dragonspine web site.  Check them out here.   And, just to sweeten the pot, here are some new tools for your windows PC.

I finally found a cure for my Bejeweled et. al. problem.   Finals helped me kick that habit.   But now that summer is less than a week away I am severely looking forward to spending more time than is healthy hooked to my PS or PC exploring some very juicy games such as Light and Dark, Tribes 2, and a little thing I like to call Hogs of War.   It is my every intention to consume mass amounts of alcohol whilst subjecting my thumb to extremes of pain heretofore unknown to man.   Then again, I could get bored and go outside occasionally too.

Well, I still have to complete one paper and take one more test.  So I will sign off now so that I can get this over with.  Until we meet again…Have a Happy!

Sir Feral Lynn

↓ Transcript
Fink: I tell you folks, Franzia is the new miracle cure. No matter what your problem, physical or social, FRANZIA can help!
Fink: How about you son? Step on up here and tell us what ails you
BK: My teacher says I don't use commas enough
Fink: My boy, one sip of FRANZIA and you will be putting commas between every word!