When I first started this strip I sent thoughts to the big guy upstairs asking that I have plenty of current events type stuff to mock, parody and satyrize.   God is, it seems, not without a sense of humor when granting such requests.   This weekend I folded my ankle underneath me and the doctor’s prognosis is that
I have done some fairly extensive damage to the tendons and ligaments (although no fractures).    I spent Saturday night after Dragonspine’s feast in the ER with my ankle looking like a large grapefruit (well, a large New Mexico grapefruit, it would have only been
a small Florida grapefruit I’m sure).   So, I will be out of action for a while (although it will probably only be a third the time the doctors tell me).   I go in to see the orthopedist this week so I will keep y’all posted.   I do want to say thanks to Nikos, Iron Paw, Quicksilver, Naes and Wild Hyacinth for helping me out and to the girls who ran screaming into the
Whataburger for ice.   Thanks.

As I mentioned earlier Saturday night was the Dragonspine feast, it was a beautiful coronation.   The decorations were very nice and the food was good as well.   From me, a member of the populace, thank you to all who helped.   There was some roleplaying involved (although some wires got crossed, but it turned
out alright in the end).   His ‘Excelency’ the Cardinal was deposed and exposed as a traitor to Dragonspine.  He was graciously given a choice by His Majesty, King Kyran, to either be banished or take on the role of herald for the new and rightful king.    After careful examination of not a few sword
tips being pointed his way, Cardinal Randal agreed and performed the duties of herald for Kyran (although not without a bit of chagrin).   I have to say, Randal gave us many opportunities to roleplay this reign and it has been a delight, and it looks promising for Kyran’s reign in this respect as well.   Huzzah Randal!   Huzzah Kyran!

Another highlight of this weekend was spending feast in the company of the memebers of Ardent Sands.   I cannot stress enough how cool these people are (Even you Flurb..er..Malrick)!    I can’t remember when I have seen a group of people enjoy each others company and thrill to each moment of Amtgard like these folks do.   I truly look
forward to visiting them this summer.   If any of you out there happen to pass through Mesa Arizona I highly reccomend that you look this group up, you will not be disappointed.   And speaking of the folks from Ardent Sands, it was a great pleasure to see my old friend Jacob Morningkill recieve the title of Baron!   Huzzah Baron Morningkill!

So, do you ever wonder what it would be like to be a cyborg?  Find out at This Site  I found got F.E.R.A.L. Functional Electronic Repair and Assasination Lifeform.   Give it a whirl!

Sorry this is such a short post today, but this weekend really went by quickly (except for the six and a half hours in the ER).  I will have more to post on Friday.

Have a Happy!


Sir Feral Lynn

↓ Transcript
Fink: I don't know what to do
Fink: I'm an old knight with one too many leg injuries
Cap (after a moment's thought): Have you considered pledging Claw?