Wow, what a difference a week makes.   I have developed several new ways of doing this and I have made some changes to the way the characters are drawn.   I don’t know if these are the final changes, I am still figuring out what is best in terms of the strip.   This current way of drawing owes alot to Penny Arcade.
That probably won’t last since I don’t want to rip anybody off.   I am just feeling my way around trying to find what is best for me.

Speaking of other comic sites: PVPOnline has had some rather interesting posts about how much work it is to make a comic successfull (read: profitable).

I realize that I haven’t been doing this long, but these posts by Steve Kurtz sparked my thoughts going as to what ‘succesful’ means to me for this venture.   After a lot of thought I have come up with this definition of success for Fink-O-Rama:   As long as I am able to manage free hosting and as long as the members of Amtgard enjoy this site then I will consider this a success.   Of course, I wouldn’t mind selling a T-shirt or two, but that has more to do with seeing the artwork on people’s chests than it does with money.   I think any T-shirt ideas would tie into my second portion, that Amtgarders enjoy the strip.   I actually do have an idea for an ‘alternate’ Clan T-shirt that I will share later on.   But the point is (that I seem to have drifted from) that as long as you guys keep liking this I will be happy doing it.

And in sporting news: It seems that Amtgard isn’t good enough for certain people.   There are people out there that come from other LARPs and consider it their duty to let us know exactly how bad Amtgard is. They use phrases like “”your system”” and “”your rules”” as if, even though they are playing this game, that the rules don’t really apply or that they only deign to play by our rules as a favor to us.   Let me just say: DON’T DO US ANY FAVORS!
This ‘thing’ that is Amtgard is not merely a game, it is more than a game, it is a society, and one that most members are damn proud of.   Yes, we have problems, but if there is one thing we don’t need is some tart coming in here and telling us just how wrong and bad our society is.   I mean, Jeez, what would happen if I walked in to an SCA event and started telling them they were all wrong, or HFS or Dagorhir or whomever?   They would tell me promptly to sot off.   And rightly so.   So, to Lady Luna: SOT OFF!

OK, thisBejeweled thing that I have mentioned.   I really think I have a problem.   I’m having problems at work because I can’t seem to get a high enough score to satisfy my ego.   I feel uncontollably drawn to open it on my browser, even when I know that I have other things to be doing.   I have been hearing the sound FX of this spawn of Satan in my sleep.
Somebody, please send help.

The question has been asked as to whether or not I will do a PA cameo in this strip. The answer is yes, definitely. It has become sort of a rite of passage in online comics to use a cameo of Gabe and Tycho.   I don’t want to do it though until I have something really clever to say and the artwork is a little more polished.   I would hate for them to see the strip and say that it has no Wang.
So, look for it in the future, I will let you know when.

Well it looks like I will not be seen by an orthopedist anytime soon.  There are only two in this city and apparently there is a convention somehwere because neither one are here.  My ankle is getting stronger by the day and I can walk ok, but I know that I need to have the MRI done because there is damage there that won’t always cause pain, at least not for now, but will leave the ankle weak.  So, this will apparently be a much longer thread of my life than expected.

Well, that’s gonna do it for now.  If anybody has any suggestions, comments, concerns gripes, or nifty sites I should throw a temporary link to let me know (see email addy below).   Until next we meet: Have a Happy!

Sir Feral Lynn

↓ Transcript
Lance: We've taken the enemy flag. Now what?
Fink: Now you give a victory cry!
Cap: Yeah something like...
(Cap whispering into Lance's helmet): whisperwhisperwhisper-whisperwhisp
Lance: Really?
Cap: whisper
Lance: GOT IT!
(from off-panel): Bwahaha!
(from off-panel): Snicker!